How to Use

iDME wristbands how to use

For best results with insert cards

We recommend using a Bic ballpoint pen when writing the information on the insert card allowing at least 5 minutes for ink to dry before folding and inserting the card into the wristband.

How to do know which size ?

To be sure of the size you need, simply wrap a piece of string around your child’s wrist, make a note of where it meets and then measure it against a ruler.

For Children it is all about becoming part of their routine.

Like anything when it comes to kids there may be an element of
training involved depending on their age.
Every parent and child will be different but in my own experience my four year old only needed to be told that it was a secret agent wristband whereas my two year old needed a few days of training before it became a part of his routine.
When wearing our iDME wristbands for the first time, I found it helpful to get my youngest, 18 months old at the time to wear it around the house initially to get used to the feeling of something on his wrist.
Our wristbands are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, especially on delicate little wrists so it just took a few days before he didn’t even notice it, and could even sleep with it on.