Club Orders

Why offer iDME to your members?

  • Ensure your members have a safer cycle routine by wearing their in case of emergency ID
  • Raises brand/club awareness
  • Added customer value for members joining or registering for events/programmes e.g. Sprocket Rocket & Bike for Life
  • Promotes safety awareness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Excellent club discount scheme
  • Helps your club be more GDPR compliant by members wearing their information rather than the clud holding any sensitive information


Many clubs have now made it mandatory for all members to wear their ICE info before going out on their runs as part of their safety awareness and social responsibility policy, and we at iDME are proud to be supporting them.

As well as promoting safety awareness, iDME wristbands can also be a very practical way of fundraising to support your club. 

Just listen to what one of our clubs had to say… 

‘We recently received an order from Dee of wristbands for our cycling club. The wristband allows us to arm our members with vital information in case of an emergency or accident. This idea was sparked from a situation where one of our members had an accident and was knocked unconscious.

We shortly realized nobody in the group had details for his immediate contact. We did not know if he was on medication, had any heart problems or had any allergies. IDME wristband gives us the flexibility to put a number of important information & data that may be helpful in any future accidents. We can change the information if required due to the flexible waterproof paper that they use. It is now compulsory for all our members to carry a wristband when out cycling.

We found the team at IDME very helpful and easy to deal with. The bands are of great quality too

I would highly recommend other clubs or athletes that put themselves at risk on the Irish roads to wear an IDME wristband. It might just save your life!’

Emmet Fennell, Chairman Over the Hill Cycling Club 

iDME Sports ID Wristbands