Staying Safe This Halloween

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We all want children to have fun at Halloween. Making sure that we go over a few safety tips with our children a few times before it's time to out trick or treating can ensure that the day STAYS fun and happy. Children are so excited about the big day and what they will dress up as and all the candy that they will have, so going over the safety "rules" just once is not enough.

Tip #1 - Never go into someone's house when trick or treating unless your parents give permission and are with you. Even if they invite you to come in while they are getting more treats, politely say No thank you, you will wait outside. (Let your children practice saying this so they don't freeze up)

Tip#2 - In crowded neighborhoods, be sure that your children know to walk on the sidewalk and never dart out from in between parked cars. A safe way to trick or treat is to go down one side of the street, cross over and then go down the other side. This avoids crossing back and forth across the street in front of cars.

Tip#3- When preparing your child's costume, consider getting a reflective IDme wristband, glow in the dark jewelry or flashlights. A combination of these is the safest bet...putting reflective bits of tape on their costumes and outlining their bags too. They'll love how they glow in the dark!

Tip#4 - If you're doing any driving on Halloween, be sure to be extra cautious, especially in neighborhoods. Excited children dart out in front of cars and may not see you coming. While we strongly stress the importance of parents telling kids not to do this, sadly, it happens and being hit by cars is the number 1 reported injury on Halloween. The most crucial hours are between 4:30-10:00p.m.

Let's all endeavor to make THIS Halloween safe, fun and as accident free as possible!

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