How do you talk to your child about Terrorism

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I can't believe I'm writing about this but here it goes... It is every parents instinct to protect their children from the horrors in this world but we would be failing them as parents if we didn't prepare them and reassure them that while bad things happen to good people there are a million more people out there to help and protect us if needed. I spoke with my children this morning for the second time in as many weeks about the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester after watching the amazing Adriana Grande concert last night. I told them, and myself, when bad things happen look for the good, the helpers, the people who run towards the danger to protect the innocent and the people who open their doors to strangers in their hour of need, because there is always more good in the world than bad....always. The Huffingtonpost UK  has a great article on this some points highlighted below:

How To Approach Questions

  • Try to be as honest and open with your answers to their questions, but make sure your responses and explanations are age appropriate and don’t bombard them with too much information

Perspective Is Key

  • Above all, make your child feel safe, your chances of being hurt in a terror attack are tiny, so ensure your family focuses on what’s good in the world and how these attacks can bring people together, not tear us apart

Gauge What Level Of Information Your Child Wants

  • Less is more. Many children only want to know: Am I safe? Could this happen to me?

Monitor Media

  • Allow children to watch the news but don’t let them become consumed by it

Be Available

  • If your child is upset, just spending time with him may make him feel safer. Children find great comfort in routines and doing ordinary things together as a family may be the most effective form of healing

Be Aware Of Little Ears

  • The rule of thumb is to either talk to your children about it and allow them to ask questions and involve them in the discussions in an age appropriate way or don’t talk about it in front of them

Frame The Information In Positives

Talk to them about acts of bravery and heroism and overall, encourage them to always be kind to others  

And Finally...

  • Give your children a hug, let them know that they are loved and you are there for them

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