How do you talk to your child about Terrorism

I can’t believe I’m writing about this but here it goes…

It is every parents instinct to protect their children from the horrors in this world but we would be failing them as parents if we…

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Using iDME for the first time with Children

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For Children it is all about becoming part of their routine
Like anything when it comes to kids there may be an element of training involved depending on their age.
Every parent and child will be different…

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RSA Profile of pedal cyclist fatalities 2015

There was a 31% reduction in the number of pedal cyclists killed in 2015 (9) compared to the same period in 2014 (13)

Gender: All but one of the nine cyclists killed were male
Age profile: All…

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We never know when we might be involved in a serious accident or succumb to a medical emergency.
If you are overcome by one of these situations, wouldn’t it be a comfort to know that emergency…

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The Importance of Wearing a Sports ID band

Wearing your ID band is as important as putting on your seat belt when getting into car, or strapping on bike helmet to go for a ride. If you participate in running, cycling, jogging, walking, hiking,…

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Trick-or-Treat Safety

As a parent you may have concerns about the practice of trick-or-treating due to things like road safety and bullying. However, the following safety advice can ensure that it is a safe and fun experince…

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Helping children to deal with fear

Many children eagerly anticipate as it can be a very exciting time exploring magic and mystery, however, for some children it can be a very scary experience.

Below are some ideas on how to help children…

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4 Things to Teach Your Child if They Get Lost

Lost child

As parents we all know how scary and easy it can be to become separated and lose sight of a child, especially at this time of year when we all try to get out and…

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Staying Safe This Halloween

We all want children to have fun at Halloween. Making sure that we go over a few safety tips with our children a few times before it’s time to out trick or treating can ensure…

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‘When’ and ‘How’ to have the Stranger Danger talk

Stranger Danger

With the recent spate of horror stories concerning child abductions, child safety has become ever more prominent in our society and we are reminded of how cruel and sick the world we live in can…

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